Minutes – September 4, 2021 Annual Meeting

Lake Lucerne Advancement Association
Annual Meeting
September 4, 2021

President Rick Hermus called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Attendance: Jim Wienser, Joe Heilmann, Sally Hickman, Rick Hermus, Patty Voigt, Jack Kloss,
LexAnn Hitchcock. Jim Zach was absent. There were 66 guests in attendance.

The following people gave speeches on the election: Mark Orlovsky, Jim Wienser, Patty Voigt,
Jenny Criel, Diane Braunreiter and Joe Heilmann. Rick moved to have the June 19, 2021
minutes approved. Joe Heilmann motioned to approve. Patti Orlovsky second the motion.

Rick entertained a motion to have the Treasurers Report approved. Mark Orlovsky made a
motion to approve. Mary Van Grunsven second the motion.

Rick entertained a motion to have the 2022 Budget approved. Joe Heilmann made a motion
to approve. Mary Van Grunsven second the motion.

Fun Days report was given by LexAnn. It was a great success and a thank you was given to all
the volunteers.

Golf Outing update by Mark Orlovsky. They have 18 golfers registered.
Fisheries update given by Jim Wienser. Hiring in spring for Clean Boats Clean Water
coordinator. If interested in Fish Sticks Project contact Jim. There are 4 years left on permit.
Spring and summer saw increased fish feeding in the middle of the lake. Also gave a reminder
to use lead free tackle.

Fish Habitat Grant from Forest County Potawatomi still has $5500 left.
Clean Boats Clean Water Grant from Wisconsin DNR has been approved for next year.

Forage Fish Grant from Sokaogon Mole Lake and Forage Fish Grant from Whitetails Unlimited
still have money in them.

Bill Hickman suggested we make a donation to Mole Lake Fisheries. Rick indicated that the
board would need to approve at October meeting.

Tom Braunrieter suggested doing and educational piece through Mail Chimp for members to
subscribe to.

Elections: Mark Orlovsky elected president, Patty Voigt secretary, Diane Braunreiter position
one candidate, Joe Heilman position two candidate.

Tim Miller asked question on jet skis governance. The Lake Association has no governing
authority. Need to educate people on the rules.

Sara Austin asked Rick about his shoreline restoration project of 269 plants. Will update
members in spring.

Mark Orlovsky gave speech of acceptance. Thanked Rick for 20 years of service.

Fall Clean Up is on 10-23-2021 at 9:00 a.m.

Mark moved to adjourn. Mary Van Grunsven made a motion to adjourn. Terry Coughlin
second the motion.

Respectfully submitted Patty Voigt