Minutes – October 23, 2021 Board Meeting

Lake Lucerne Advancement Association
Board Meeting
October 23, 2021

Meeting was called to order by Mark Orlovsky at 10:10 a.m.

Attendance: Jim Wienser, Joe Heilmann, Diane Braunreiter, Sally Hickman, Mark Orlovsky,
Patty Voigt, Jack Kloss, LexAnn Hitchcock. Also in attendance were nine guests.

LexAnn moved to approve the minutes from September 4, 2021. Jack second the motion.
Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report-Current balance $65,480.15. Jim Wienser motioned to approve. Joe
second the motion. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Membership-Sally would like to see Lake Lucerne Advancement Association do more educational training.

Social-LexAnn suggested shirts for worker/volunteers. Will discontinue drive thru brat fry. Jodi Landgraf has stepped down from running the Kids Games.

Finance– Jim will get them information on accountant who he works with in Green Bay.

Fishing and Water Quality-Jim Z. states fish population looks good. Has 6 people interested in fish sticks. On October 5 there were 7854 walleyes stocked that were 7.4 inches in length. Aquatic plant, Algae and Water Quality-Jim wants to continue with lead free fishing tackle education. FCAL found all natural weeds and no invasive weeds in the lake. Buoys have been pulled and outhouse moved.

Election-The election results were Mark Orlovsky 80 Jim Wienser 35, Diane Braunreister 78 Jenny Criel 39.

Communication-Patty would like to have colored return envelopes for ballots to be returned in for less confusion. She will check with Pioneer. Fall Newsletter deadline for articles is November 6.

Buildings and Grounds-Joe indicated that gutter guards have been installed on both buildings at club house grounds.

New Business

Mark Orlovsky with check with Michelle Gobert on update to website and check out the details.

LLAA would like to make a donation to Mike Preul to benefit his operation. Mark moved to approve a $5000 donation using Fun Days profits. Diane second the motion. Motion passed.

Jack suggested a $200.00 gift card donation to Bill Perry for work that he has done foe LLAA. Motion by Jack to approve. Second by Joe. Motion carried.

Gravel for north road on association property needs attention. Jack will talk with Tom Perry. Training for Clean Water/Clean Boats training is online and we will encourage people to complete.

Golf outing this year had 18 golfers. Bob Van Grunsven will be the chair and Steve Van Grinsven co-chair for next year.

We will discontinue the lifetime members plaques when board is full.

LexAnn suggested raising club house rent to $250.00 with the deposit of $150.00. LexAnn made a motion to approve increase. Second by Joe. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn by Lex. Second by Jack. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Patty Voigt, Secretary