Un-Approved – Minutes – June 18th, 2022 – Membership Meeting

Membership Meeting – Lake Lucerne Advancement Association

Meeting Minutes

Saturday June 18, 2022

Present: President Mark Orlovsky Board members present: Jenny Criel, LexAnn Hitchcock, Jack Kloss, Sally Hickman, Diane Braunreiter, Jim Wienser, and Joe Heilmann

26 Lake Lucerne Association Members

Next meeting: July 9, 2022 – Fun Day Committee Meeting, LLAA Club House


Mark Orlovsky kicked off the meeting at 10:02 am

  • Approval of the minutes from the May 21st, Board Meeting
    • Joe Heilmann – regarding elections, the election committee is in charge of absentee ballot and collection; Process for this year outlined in election agenda item below
    • LexAnn Hitchcock – correction, boat parade starting at 10:00 am in front of Waters Edge
    • Joe Heilmann – motion, Terry Coughlin – second, approved
  • Finance Update – Sally Hickman
  • Expenses
    • Capital improvements – bought speaker and laptop
    • Mike Pruel Fishery donation
  • Cash on hand $58,000
  • Mary Van Grunsven – motion, Jim Wienser – second, approved
  • Introduce Boat Landing Coordinator for the Clean Boats Clean Water Program, and volunteer sign up for open dates – Jim Wienser
  • 3 applicants – Two were under 16 yr., a hiring requirement, Patty Orlovsky accepted the position to be lead coordinator
  • Training took place in May – 20 individuals attended, from the training there were 2 additional applicants that are being considered for hire
  • Sign up will be available on Facebook and on the website. If you want to sign up and don’t have access to that please let Patty or Mark Orlovsky and they will add individual to the calendar. Looking for volunteers for aiding in the helping, must be trained to volunteer.
  • For those that help, a binder will be at the sight for those that volunteer. Sign in and out is important to get the funding from the state.
  • Emergency numbers, Patty’s phone number, sign up website location all available in the shed
  • Suggestion by Patty – investigate getting a portable toilet in the shed (portable toilet found after meeting)
  • Review of 2022 Fish Stick Project & Fish Stocking – Jim Zach

Fish Stick Project update:

  • Jim Wienser and Jenny Criel helped to put in new sticks on the north eastern side of the lake this summer
  • We have 44 that have now been added to the lake
  • Jim Zach’s contact information is on the website
  • Permit is good until 2025
  • Reminder we are limited to when those can be put in the lake – only around 2 weeks in the spring available due to lake ice

Fish stocking

  • Greg and Mike G from the DNR added 5,000 Lake Trout to the lake
  • Stocking trout to aid in preserving this type of unique genetic fish and add diversity to the lake
  • Greg S will be performing a fish survey in the summer including shocking and deep netting
  • Tom Austin asked – how many years has the DNR been stocking with Lake Trout, Jim Wienser responded they have been stocking since early 2000
  • Donation to Mike Pruel – Jack Kloss
  • Background – Local fish biologist that is running the fishery and is monitoring the fish around the lakes. He is able to help us stock the lakes.  Forest Co. association of lakes(FCAL), LLAA and Lake Metonga Association were involved.
  • $5,000 – LLAA
  • $7,500 – Lake Metonga Association
  • $1,000 – FCAL
  • This operation is helping with managing the fish population, on Metonga they are helping with the bullheads
  • Terry Coughlin asked if we can stock more than the State rules regarding the Walleye initiative stocking, Jim Wienser explained that the DNR may not allow us stock more
  • Jim Zach will follow up if we can receive the write up and share the Lake Lucerne Fish study that was done



  • Fun Day – Jack Kloss and LexAnn Hitchcock
  • Thank you to:
    • Tom B, Mike Hitchcock, Patty Ovlovski for helping with the food
    • Mark owner of CARS in town – donated tires and labor for the tires on the grill replaced
  1. Format Change
  • Auction will be 8:30 to 11:30 this year
  • Kids games 11:00 to 3:00
  • Baskets – some great gifts this year
  • Food
    • Coffee and donuts 8:00 to 10:00
    • Food 10:00 to close
  1. Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sign-up sheets passed around for volunteers – name, phone #, hours
    1. Raffle tickets
  • Available at meeting, pick them up and bring tickets and money to fun days or see a board member
  • Golf Outing – Bob Van Grunsven
  • Tuesday after Labor Day 9/6/2022
    • Dinner will be at the LLAA grounds:
    • Tenderloin, Salmon, Salad, Potato, Dessert
  • Beer, Wine, Mixers
  • Pricing will be around $18 to $20 per person
  • Election Process – Joe Heilmann
  • We will be treating each candidate for the open board position. If there are 2 board positions available and 5 candidates individuals will vote for 2 candidates.  There will not be assignment candidates to positions
  • Nominations for the Lake Lucerne Association Board of Directors.
  • Board Members
    • Nominate Jack Kloss – Mark Orlovsky
    • Nominate Jim Wienser – Joe Heilmann
    • Nominated Bill Zimpel – Mike Hitchcock
  • Vice President:
    • Nominate LexAnn Hitchcock – Mary Van Grunsven
  • Treasurer
    • Nominated Sally Hickman – Mary Van Grunsven
  • New Business
  • Introduction of Jenny Criel as Secretary for the LLAA
  • Summer Newsletter –
    • Sarah Austin asked to include reminder to enforce how close people should be to the shoreline
    • LexAnn Hitchcock suggested we add the article regarding Mosquito Spray and impact, other options
  • Jim Zach Water Clarity
    • Neal Klemme is a new committee chair to help Jim, over 22 years of experience with Lake Clarity. He will be helping to monitor Lake Lucerne – gathering data regarding the lake
    • Spring Water quality not good this year – Marin and Neal taking samples and working with Oshkosh and Madison labs to get a better baseline to them be able to better monitor in the future
    • Dan Packard – saw some Zebra Mussels on docks he pulled out 2 years ago. If anyone sees them contact Jim Zach with a sample.
  • Jim Zach shared, Friday, August 19th 2022 – FCAL (Forest County Association of Lakes) Fall Forum at the LLAA Clubhouse
    • Speakers:
      • Greg Matzke, WDNR Fishery Biologist for Forest and Florence Counties
      • Jeanne Fannin, Forest County Zoning Administrator
      • Derick Thorn, FLOW AIS Coordinator (Forest, Langlade & Oconto Counties Waterways, Aquatic Invasive Species)
    • Jim Zach Shared, Friday, July 15th 2022 – Six County Lakes & Rivers Conference at Nicolet College
    • Unaccepted donations –
      • Mattresses – Mark Ovrlovski will take them to the dump
      • TV’s– Joe Heilmann will dispose of them at most cost-effective facility
      • Suggestion: to add a camera on the grounds
    • Reminder Boat Parade:
      • Jennifer Drangstveit is the lead – awards for: Best dress crew, most patriotic and best theme
      • Parade time July 3rd at 10:00 am

Joe Heilmann – motion, Terry Coughlin – second, approved


Respectively submitted:

Jennifer Criel, Secretary



Post Meeting Presentation:

Presentation on the Crandon Area Rescue Squad – Jim Wienser

Highlights of the Crandon Rescue Squad presentation:

  • Established in 1975
  • 403(c) non profit
  • AEMT service level – can start IV’s, push drugs, etc
  • Looking to become a Flex Paramedic Service
  • Covers 480 sq miles (very big)
  • Covers @ 4,300 people
  • Crandon lost paramedic service last month
    • We call Rhinelander or Eagle River
  • Mutual aid – Laona & Pickeral
  • 20 active volunteers (30 on roaster)
    • 2 paramedics
    • 4 AEMT’s
    • 6 EMT’s
    • 4 First Responders
    • 4 Drivers
  • Challenges
    • Pay is low
    • Crandon is behind
    • Need to figure out how to do more efficiently
  • Calls per year – 700 to 800
  • Funding
    • 25% county taxes
    • 0% county (prison)
    • 75% ambulance fees
      • Post discounts collect @ $0.38 on the $1.00
    • No money from Potawatomi – until 6/17/2022, gave $50,000 in donation
  • Budget
    • Have a new budget
    • Equipment needs
      • Cot ($40,000)
      • D-Fib ($30,000)
      • Ambulance ($125,000)
    • Priorities
      • New Ambulance
      • Invest in our people (training, pay, recruit)
      • Fund Raiser
      • Asking for Donations
        • Brush run
        • Lake associations
        • Individuals

LLAA – Minutes for 6.18.22